Dubrovnik. Croatia

  • Dubrovnik. Croatia
  • Dubrovnik. Croatia
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The restaurant is beloved among locals for its traditional preparations of seafood such as fish soup, shrimp with white risotto, and buzzara—a dish of scampi and mussels cooked in bouillon. Ask for a table outdoors, where you can often hear the choir from the church next door.

Dubrovnik. Croatia

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Look for a sign that reads "Cold Drinks with the Most Beautiful View," pointing up a terraced street. It will lead you to this scenic bar-an actual hole in the wall-where café tables are spread out among tiny footholds in a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Be careful: only a thin iron railing shields you from the drop-off.

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Of the 17 churches in Dubrovnik's Old Town, this tops the list for its Baroque dome and three soaring naves. Titian's polyptych The Assumption hangs behind the main altar, and a treasury holds 200 relics, some of which date back to the 11th century.

Rector's Palace

The Gothic-Renaissance residence now houses the Museum of Dubrovnik, whose collection includes artifacts-old coins, coats of arms, and furnishings-from the city's prosperous past. Look for the rare statue of Saint Blaise by 15th-century Croatian sculptor Ivan Duknovic.

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