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Hawaii Cruise

Something unexpected. A piña colada served in a pineapple you picked yourself.

The exotic waterfalls of Hilo and tranquility of Maui will make your journey to Hawaii unforgettable.

Hawaii Cruises

Honopu Valley, Kauai, Hawaii

  • Honopu Valley, Kauai, Hawaii

E komo mai

Hawaiian for "Our house is your house," and what a house it is. From palm-fringed beaches and indescribable sunsets, to emerald green rainforests and thunderous volcanoes. Experience a land that is open and welcoming, yet marbled with mystery. Whether your vision of Hawaii conjures up images of moonlit beaches or dancers taming batons of fire, you'll see the Hawaii of your imagination and the Hawaii that will defy it.

The fireworks of Earth

Lean back into a front row seat on your private veranda as the night's activities heat up to 1800˚F. Cruise past a lava spectacular bursting from Earth and hissing into the cool ocean below

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